Waiting for Neil Robertson. Will he turn up for the snooker?

World snooker champion drives the wrong way to ‘Barnsley’

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Former world Snooker champion, Neil Robertson had to miss his World Open championships qualifier on Friday – because he drove to the wrong Barnsley.

The Australian, who lives in Cambridge, didn’t bother checking the map and blindly set his sat-nav for Barnsley in Gloucestershire.

The snooker qualifiers where however being held in the slightly bigger Yorkshire town of Barnsley, a mere – 160 miles away.

By the time he realised his he was not going to make it in time, he had to make the phone call that knocked him out of the championships and gave his competitor, Ian Burns, victory on a plate.

“Hopefully I’ll be able to either play or complete a match this season,” he said on Twitter. But he does have previous for not turning up to competitions, he also had to withdraw from the Riga Masters in July this year without potting a shot, after his flight from Luton airport was cancelled, leaving him and several other players stranded at Luton airport.

When Robertson was asked how he had got the two Barnsleys so mixed up, the location of an event he has played in before, the errant player replied: “A friend always drives me to qualifiers but he selfishly entered a Challenge Tour event this weekend.”

We assume he turned up on time at least?