Wakefield Car Parking Scam

Wakefield residents endure parking scam at luxury housing development

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Wakefield residents are up in arms over a parking scam that has hit the luxury, new Strata development at Carnforth Avenue.

With daily car parking charges of £11 per day at the Merchant Gate multi-storey car park, some Westgate train station commuters and people working in the centre of Wakefield are dumping their cars in the estate and by doing so saving themselves over £200 per month.

Mid-day mid-week parking

Residents have repeatedly complained to the town council and the developer of the estate, Strata Homes Yorkshire Limited, about the worsening situation, but until the estate is finished and handed over to the council, nothing can be done about the car parking and people will continue to park for free.

The large building behind the cars is the half-empty car park.