Yorkshire fire fighters dying to save us

Yorkshire firefighters dying of cancer to save us?

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The Fire Brigades Union and Yorkshire firefighters have called for more protection from soiled equipment and clothing after research has shown they are being exposed to dangerously high levels of harmful chemicals.

Recent scientific studies have shown that local firefighters are at risk of getting developing cancer because of their contaminated clothing and equipment.

This cancer risk has been highlighted for the first time by the UK’s chief fire officer, and in response, the UKs Fire Brigades Union has called on the British government to act and protect the firefighters who risk their lives both fighting fires and potentially having to deal with the aftermath.

Fire Brigade Union spokesman Chris Moore, from South Shields, in the north of England, has himself been receiving treatment for an incurable blood cancer.

“Up and down the country firefighters are dying of this, due to them saving lives in the line of duty, and their job is killing them,” he is quoted as saying.

The union is asking for better protective equipment and more of it, so the UKs firefighters do not have to go back out onto a call wearing dirty clothes and using equipment that they have not had time to clean.

“Give us better protective equipment. More of it, so when it gets dirty we put it away and we can put a clean fresh set on” he asks.

It’s a small ask from those who protect us and who are now looking to their employers and the government to protect them from needless danger.