Dick Morris Wants To Moderate GOP: ‘I Showed Dems How To Move Center’ — Now It’s Republicans’ Turn

February 8, 2013

Dick Morris may have parted ways with Fox News, but he’s “not gone.” Or so he told National Review in an interview wherein he also noted his next goal: to moderate the GOP. He helped Democrats, Morris said, and now he plans to help the Republican Party.

“I’m not gone,” Morris said in the interview. “I’ve been all over the place and will continue to be. I’ll be back.”

And he’ll “continue to make noise.”

“I’m trying to explore ways in which the Republican party can make itself viable nationally, so it can win national elections without sacrificing its basic principles,” Morris said. “That’s the mission I’ve set for myself.”

Key voting groups like women, Latinos, and gays could be Republicans, he explained, but the GOP isn’t “letting them.” Roe v. Wade, for example, isn’t going to be repealed, so the GOP should “focus on the real issue, which is reducing abortions, making it rare.”

Morris is a man with a mission: To moderate the Republican Party, as it focuses on how to win future elections.

“I showed Democrats how to move center,” he said. “Now, I want to help do the same thing with the Republican party… I’ve got a pretty good track record of getting presidents and senators and governors elected. And I think that gives me credibility to talk to my fellow Republicans.”

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