Donald Trump: ‘Karl Rove Is A Total Loser,’ So Why Are People Still Giving Him Money?

February 7, 2013

Karl Rove made news recently with his intention to start a new group, the “Conservative Victory Project,” that aims to back “the most conservative candidate that can win.” On Thursday, Donald Trump took to Twitter to voice his opinions about Rove. Namely, that Rove is a “loser.”

Rove’s already wasted money and not achieved victories, Trump said. So any further donations are simply a waste.

“This is not tea party versus establishment,” Rove said of the effort, adding that the likes of Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock are not the best conservatives can do. “We need to do better if we want to take over the United States Senate. We need to get better conservative candidates and win.”

Trump previously criticized Rove in 2011, in an appearance on Fox News, arguing:

“Bush gave us Obama. In all fairness to John McCain and Sarah Palin, nobody could have won. You could have brought back Abraham Lincoln, he couldn’t have beaten Obama at that time, because of what Karl [Rove] and Bush had done in that last period of Bush’s campaign.”

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